Triple Infinity Stretched Canvas

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The crowning jewel in my 'Millionz-O-Doodz' range, this design took me 3 years (on-and-off) to make. I drew the basic triple-infinity shape, and in between commercial gigs I would add bits and pieces to this massive 8000 x 8000 300dpi Photoshop document; character by character. Even I see new characters in it every time I view it. I drew it digitally on a Wacom Cintiq 12".

After the inking was complete I employed and directed my buddy Keegan Thornhill to colour it for me. It's currently my most detailed 'Millionz-O-Doodz' design to date, and always draws interested responses whenever anyone sees it.

I recommend ordering a big 1m x 1m (100cm x 100cm) print. It's sure to enrich any living space.

Printed in high resolution on ColourPro artist's canvas. The silky matt satin canvas allows for a stunning vivid colour reproduction of the image. The print is expertly hand stretched over a 44mm thick Superwood frame, which includes a solid 3mm Superwood backing board. Frame is supplied with hanging accessories.

Orders are dispatched within 3-5 working days, and courier estimates 2-4 working days for delivery within South Africa. Times may vary according to order quantity and delivery location.

Printed by Canvas Print Co in Durban. They do all my canvas printing, they produce excellent results and safely courier the finished canvas in a protective cardboard box to your doorstep.