Bru & Boegie: Life in Hell

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For the serious Bru & Boegie collector.

These were the first ever Bru & Boegie books I printed, back in around 2005. They contain the first ever Bru & Boegie strips, and there are a few in here that aren't in the 'Bru & Boegie: Big Book of Stuffs' book - I mostly took out strips that were a little too personal.

Anyways, my plan was to sell the book at a Durban comics exhibition and live painting event. I sold some and left the stock with the gallery. Earlier this year I got an email from someone who said they'd picked up the book for sale for R10 and loved the comics. I remembered - my old stock! My precious first prints stock! So I organised for the remaining stock to be couriered to me. These are the last 14 remaining first Bru & Boegie books. I think I printed 50 or 100 of them. I keep the rest safe now and I'm selling 10 of them.

I'm pretty sure I've lost the print files :/

I'll sign the book and draw a comic in it for you if you like. Please also mention who you'd like me to sign it over to, in the checkout section where you can leave a comment with your order.